Our Land

Our farm sits on 13 acres in East Kingston, New Hampshire just minutes from the seacoast.


We are proud to be a part of the Rockingham County Conservation Commission and we maintain the majority of the acreage as conservation land.  The land is home to a variety of wildlife and the soil grows incredible Christmas trees.  Families have been coming here since the 1980's to choose their perfect tree.

The benefit of live Christmas trees cannot be overstated.  When the holidays are over, your real tree can serve as refuge for birds and small animals in winter.  Come spring you can cut it up for firewood, or use it to rebuild areas of land.  Sprinkle the needles into a small cloth pouch for the beautiful Christmas smell all year long.  We will even gladly take your tree back and recycle it for a variety of all natural and helpful purposes.

Each spring, we work hard to plant 2 trees for each one that was cut down the year before.  This ensures a continual supply.  We mark the spaces left behind when you cut down your tree - you will often see the brightly colored flags marking the remaining tree stumps so our mowers can drive around them safely.  We then plant a brand new, baby tree just to the side of the old stump.  In a few seasons, the stump will decompose and become soft enough to kick right out of the ground, giving the new tree room to grow.  The flag will stay in place until the tree is big enough to be visible to mowers and weed whackers.


Every year, one acre of trees consumes about the same amount of carbon dixoide produced by a car driven for 26,000 miles.  Those same trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.


We feel really good about being a part of that process.

Our beautiful barn was once part of the UNH Equine Husbandry program dating back to the 1800's.   When you drive out back at Christmastime you will see our antique blacksmith shop.  Originally postioned on the road (now route 108) the building is said to be the oldest remaining blacksmith shop in the region.  We welcome visitors into the shop in the winter for a warm fire, hot cocoa, and a variety of local crafts and goods for sale.

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