Thanks for stopping by to our little website.  My name is Amy, and I'm the owner of Windcrest Tree Farm.  I moved here in 2007 in the hopes of giving my kids a simpler childhood and to live in a small town, with friends and neighbors who know you.  As it turns out,  childhood is never really simple, but we definitely lucked out on the small town life.


Together with my 3 children (and now Greta, the Girl Dog), we spend weekends from Thanksgiving until Christmas welcoming people to our home in search of the perfect ~or not so perfect ~ Christmas tree.


We do a lot more on all of the others weekends of the year.  I'm a teacher by day, the kids are busy with school, and Bob waits patiently in the yard for people to honk, yell and wave to him as they drive by.  Sometimes I think they're waving to me.


A few people have asked to have their wedding here at the farm, so that is now a thing.   We welcome the opportunity to host your event as well.  We hope to add fall items and pumpkins, and during the holidays you will find plenty of authentic New Hampshire goods for sale in our antique blacksmith shop. 

We love the families we have met and we look forward to reconnecting with the ones who come back each year.  


We hope to see you this year as well ~




We're taking the year off from tree sales and events to focus on improvements to the farm, two new teenage drivers, a busy 8 year old, a crazy puppy, and one tired Mom.  We've never taken a year off before, and pains me to even say the words, but it's the right thing to do.  Thank you so much for all the past support...and we will see you in 2020!

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Welcome, Greta!

On May 24th we welcomed our new addition to the family.  Greta joined us at 13 weeks old.  She is our 3rd Newfie but our first girl....and our first chocolate brown.  To say we are smitten is putting it mildly.  She's funny, naughty and growing like crazy.

We can't wait for you to meet her.

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I think she's part human._#Greta_#shesan